Welcome to Oxford Friends Meeting!


Be still and cool in thine own mind and spirit. – George Fox

We are glad you are here.

Our form of worship is the extension of our belief that the Divine Spirit is accessible to each individual with no need for the intercession of priest or minister.  We have no test of faith by creed or dogma; our common ground is the common experience of worship in which we are all seekers. Christ taught us to see one another with eyes of love and our ambition is to embrace that lesson.

If this is your first experience of this form of worship, you will note that as Friends enter the meeting room for worship, we settle into a centering quiet, a stillness of expectancy in which we seek to come nearer to our Inner Teacher and the Divine in each other.  Participants are not expected to say or do anything other than join in this seeking.   If someone feels led by the Spirit to speak, pray or read, they rise to share the message out of the quiet.  Other messages may build on what has been shared before, but worship is neither debate nor discussion.  After about forty-five minutes, someone will be led to clasp hands with a neighbor transiting from worship to greetings and announcements.

We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your journey.  There will be time for introductions at rise of Meeting today.  If you leave your name, address and email in our guestbook, we will keep you apprised of Meeting events and activities.

We gather each Sunday for worship at 10:30.

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