Climate Change and Your Health



PRESENTER: Alan Peterson, MD
WHERE: Society of Friends (Quaker) Meetinghouse
110 Tulane Terrace, Lancaster, PA 17603
WHEN: 12:00 noon on Sunday March 26, 2017

Dr. Peterson points out that over 97% of peer reviewed climatologists state that the climate is changing due to human activities at a rate that has never been seen on earth before. Climate change is the cause of a broad range of adverse health effects including, among others- chronic lung diseases, heart disease, cancer, and stroke.  He has tremendous concerns for his children and grandchildren, as well as those in the rest of the world.  Dr. Peterson will present the scientific data and those of others on what we can do to try to prevent climate change from ending life on earth as we have lived it and enjoyed it.

“Between 2011 and 2014, Greenland lost a trillion tons of ice.”

“The World Health Organization says climate change is the most significant medical issue of our century.”

Dr. Peterson is Emeritus Director of Environmental and Community Medicine of Lancaster General Health, having started in 1979.  He helped to educate each of the Family Medicine Residents who graduated from Lancaster General Health. Dr. Peterson has received numerous awards and recognition including the Henry Wentz Award in Medical Education and the American Lung Association 2013 National Volunteer Excellence Award.  He has spoken to the public on a wide range of health issues and has offered testimony to many public government groups including members of the Pennsylvania legislature and most recently the Pennsylvania Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee in Harrisburg.

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