Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Minute

Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends in Portland, Oregon encourages all Quaker Meetings and institutions to engage in educating ourselves and our fellow citizens on the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. Let us join together, seeking Divine guidance and proceeding as the way opens before us.

Treaty negotiations were successfully concluded within the United Nations on July 7, 2017. On September 20, 2017, the new Treaty was opened for signature by heads of governments or Foreign Ministers. Fifty governments took the first step and signed the treaty on that first day and three have already submitted their documents to the United Nations for ratification. Once 50 nations have ratified, it will enter into force.

Relatively few of our fellow citizens in the United States – including many Quakers – are aware of this treaty. Our major media in this country have not reported on its development, nor have they encouraged open discussion of its significance or pros and cons of its 18 articles. Most other countries are already deeply engaged in this process.

Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends has produced a resource sheet that provides background information and links to more details about the Treaty, which you can access here. Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends has shared a Minute supporting the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, which was approved in Meeting for Worship for Business on September 17, 2017. You can access a copy of the Minute here.

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