Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Minute

Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends in Portland, Oregon encourages all Quaker Meetings and institutions to engage in educating ourselves and our fellow citizens on the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. Let us join together, seeking Divine guidance and proceeding as the way opens before us.

Treaty negotiations were successfully concluded within the United Nations on July 7, 2017. On September 20, 2017, the new Treaty was opened for signature by heads of governments or Foreign Ministers. Fifty governments took the first step and signed the treaty on that first day and three have already submitted their documents to the United Nations for ratification. Once 50 nations have ratified, it will enter into force.

Relatively few of our fellow citizens in the United States – including many Quakers – are aware of this treaty. Our major media in this country have not reported on its development, nor have they encouraged open discussion of its significance or pros and cons of its 18 articles. Most other countries are already deeply engaged in this process.

Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends has produced a resource sheet that provides background information and links to more details about the Treaty, which you can access here. Multnomah Monthly Meeting of Friends has shared a Minute supporting the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, which was approved in Meeting for Worship for Business on September 17, 2017. You can access a copy of the Minute here.

West Grove Friends Discussion

Dear friends:

The extreme right wing of evangelical Christians have become the dominant voice of ‘faith’ in this country and their collective voice and influence is growing.

We at West Grove Friends Meeting are very disturbed by this trend and are seeking ways to bring other voices to the forefront to create an atmosphere where true dialogue can take place. Our hope is to bring together people of many faith traditions and people of no faith tradition to formulate an approach that can be shared and multiplied so that this other important ‘voice’ can be heard.

Some of you were presenters at our two inter-faith speakers series and some attenders, some are members of the inter-faith group in West Chester, and others are Friends (fellow Quakers) and friends. We hope that many of you will be able to join us on Wednesday evening, October 25th, at 7:00 at West Grove Friends Meeting to discuss the challenge presented by the extreme voice of the evangelical right and ways to have our voice heard.

If you can come or can’t but have interest in this idea, please let me know. Thank you.

Grace & Peace,

Alyce Denver, Clerk
West Grove Friends Meeting

153 East Harmony Road
West Grove

Principles and Beliefs of Early Friends

A Look at some Core Understandings

 Henry Jason will be speaking at the Marlborough Meetinghouse on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Henry is a retired Speech and Language Pathologist with a longtime interest in early Christianity and early Quakerism. He also has a background in linguistics, Slavic languages and the classical languages of Greek and Latin. Henry’s piercing insights into the meanings of various biblical Greek and 17th century English words and concepts validate traditional Quaker interpretations of authentic Christianity. Please join us for a lively talk.

Sample of a Henry Jason Talk

Here is just a minute of a talk Henry gave at the 2017 Ohio Yearly Meeting.

The Marlborough Meetinghouse is at 361 Marlborough Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348.  For directions, go to and click on Location.

Questions? Email or call 610 347-0843

Equality and Justice Rally on the Oxford Green Friday, October 6, 6:30-8:00 PM

The Oxford community will be coming together to take a stand for equality and justice for all people with a rally on th

e green in the center of town during Oxford’s “First Friday” events,6:30-8:00 PM on October 6. We will stay on the green, with signs stating “Equality and Justice for All” or similar. Please join us and bring a sign if you can.
For more information call Vivian Brown: (610) 467-1102.

Spiritual Deepening and Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Deepening Program from FGC

The Spiritual Deepening Program seeks to deepen the life, worship, and witness of Quaker meetings, individual Friends, and newcomers. The program serves those who are new to the Quaker way by presenting resources important to the personal and communal spiritual journey. It serves Friends who are no longer new by providing additional depth and encouragement to continue their travel on the Quaker journey.

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Spiritual Formation Program from BYM

Do You Seek a Deeper Spiritual Experience?
Does Your Meeting Seek a Deeper Spiritual Community?
The Baltimore Yearly Meeting Spiritual Formation Program invites its participants into a deeper experience of God’s presence through retreats, devotional readings, spiritual community and individual spiritual practices. Spiritual Formation provides a practical way for people in our busy culture to turn to God with their hearts through daily spiritual practices, with their minds through spiritual reading, and with their human relationships through local friendship groups.

The Spiritual Formation Program has three elements:

(1) Retreat weekends in the spring and the fall engage participants in exploring their individual spiritual lives and sharing their discoveries within small groups or with other individual participants. (It is strongly recommended but not mandatory to attend the retreats.)

(2) At home, each participant is encouraged to devote at least 15 minutes per day to a spiritual practice. Resources for exploring a wide range of spiritual practices are available.

(3) Also at home, participants attend two meetings per month: a meeting of the entire local group to share hospitality and reflections on a spiritual reading that all have agreed to read; and a gathering with a friendship group, a subset of 3-5 people from the local group. Friendship groups meet at times and places of their own choosing to share personal spiritual journeys and to support one another in spiritual practices.

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